“Somewhere far in the colors,
I made your mind rearrange love
for those furry paws of mine,
My all demons are hidden in the box,
You and me are now free to flee…”

Hello, people!
I’ll be short this time and leave you read all the inspiration in text under the last photo.
I acidentally dye my hair in RL in wrong color so I’m feeling soooo kawaii right now as you can see from my post.

Almost all items I’m wearing are from amazing event Comic Fair 2014, which lasts until April 30th, so run.
Also, check the Pose Fair where lots of things going on and
last but not least, Cosmetic Fair which also ends in April.
Just a few hints:

1. Love your cat/dog/hedgehog/whatever you have or simple get plushy.
2. Visit Comic Fair in SL, buy things and get amazing GIFTS.
3. Be kawaii no matter what.



She and her cat.

Rearrange the world, make mistakes,
pick up your broken bones and start again.
Always worry for the colors,
sometimes howl on the wind,
Follow your own rule,
And where the land fade into the sky,
Hold close your little friend
And watch those years passes by.




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