“Your power’s so strong and if
you don’t know why
There’s deeper knowing in that big old sky
Could see in the wrong place
at the right time
I just keep on running…”

Hello, my birds…
Do you miss flying? I know I do.
Sometimes I dream about it and usually I even know how to move my wings to keep balance and feel the air.
Other times, I just miss airplanes.


Lots of things going on in our dear Second life.
Event I was looking forward to is EDEN RISING by Coo-Op, which is on until 21th of April. You should really visit it, since there’s variety of great designers and you’ll love the items which is more home-decoration-related with only few things which will rock your accessories world. Event is also located on [free bird] store’s SIM and it was my dream location, but unfortunately, I couldn’t make photos there because SL did not love me for the past two days, but I hope I’ll show you. I decided to show you amazing headbands from Le Poppycock (also check the store, really great hunt is going on and new freebies!), necklace/ring from ginchi and mask from Chimeric Arts & Fashions. Also, furniture is from there, so check the links :)


Also, I’ve met lots of new people, visited new places and found out for few really great designers. This way I wanted to show my respect to Candi Crystal from Eye Candi skin store and to make amazing post with skin I had no time because of being skin to present while Skin Fair lasted. You can now find it in store and not hate me for haven’t show you it sooner.
Also, I wanted to introduce you my new sponsors.
My makeups is from Leyla Flux from not so little-but still cute KoKoLoRes  store and even tho I don’t know it for a long time, I am in love and I pronounce her my eternal make-up maker. Ha! Check her at a Cosmetic fair, have lots of newness. Also, there’s cutie Moon Amore store and there you’ll find so much really afforable clothes, group gifts and gatchas. My boots are from Tokyo Girl and you’ll love them. Colors are so soft and pretty, so you need to have atleast one pair.
I always have trouble finding pose for my post (and I believe it’s every blogger’s nightmare) since everything depend on it. I think .mien. pose store saved me from torture for the future and I was playing the princess with pose set shown in second image. Set also comes with mace and crown, so you can also start acting.


Home decor (I got decor, but borrowed home, since I’m still homeless, haha)

Listening: Bat For Lashes, rest Your Head



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