“Nobody wants to harm you
When you’re outside
But it’s hard to believe,
When everyone’s killing time,
Somebody knows
That you’re not laughing…”

(Our Lady Peace, Consequence of Laughing)

How big are your wishes, dreams?
Have you ever thought about what would three wishes you’d ask your own goldfish to fulfill?
For me, the answer would be probably always the same:
“Make me regret nothing. Make me not miss any single laugh. Make former me, me in the past, to have insight that everything will be just alright in the future.”
I don’t believe in destiny, higher scheme where we fit in like puzzle pieces, since then I will probably never fit into one; so I always try to make my choices be the best for me and make no harm to others, accept the same so I won’t wish for a goldfish or deus et machina.
Recently, I started to just wish for the time-machine.

For me was almost impossible for a long time to find skin which looks cute, but grown-up in same time. Hard to explain, but usually either it looks completelly growny-grownups either completely cute-little-dolly. Skin which I present to you today is from cute store called Filthy. You’ve probably heard for it and been there, I’m sure. And already have atleast Chloe in your inventory. Which is great to Skin Fair,  price is reduced and everything, makeups and appliers, are included in pack, so hurry up. Yay.
To me was great news to find out that Blacklace makes make ups. I tried pout lipstick and dazzle eyeshadow (I’ll wear it in following post) and I was really suprised with lips shape – it did not “killed” my lips shape and was really gentle and pretty as you can see.
Also, NOX. & me are in love again. Or should I say, I was trying not to wear it in every post but it was hard mission. So, my little ones, I dare you not to wear electric liners! Ha!

Last but not least, amazingly pretty SIM called It All Starts With a Smile was having photo contest. Last day was today and this post was mainly inspired by fish I had found there, so I had whole story in my head about it. Location have so many secret hideaways, places for relaxing, for yoga, fun, and it’s so colorful and sparkly, so you must love it.
Go check it!

I had to leave that Fish or I’d stay there forever.


  • SKIN: FILTHY – Chloe_Ivory +  Freckles & Mole  (@Skin Fair SIM3, thank you Alexandra Barcelos)
  • EYELINERNox. – Electric Liner II [Pink]  (@Skin Fair SIM3, thank you Anya McConach)
  • LIPSTICK:  ~Blacklace Beauty~ – Pout Lipsticks – Pout Gloss 12 (@Skin Fair SIM1, thank you Gemini Galatea)
  • HAIRClawtooth – Closer prize 15 RARE (old ARCADE gatcha)
  • EYES-SU! – Tender Eyes  (group gift, group fee)
  • BLOUSE: !Rotten Toe – Grimmy Doll Blouses (pack of 2) (check the store, it’s quite cheap and have amazing things inside)
  • SHORTS: :Moon Amore: – Studtud shorts (I actually find this on MP after visit the store, it is cheap item, and in store you should pick up your group gifts)
  • EARRINGS+:+WTG+:+ – **Welcome gift 05** ear-pierces (free)
  • NECKLACE+:+WTG+:+ – **Welcome gift 04** necklace (free)
  • RINGPure Poison – SUBSCRIBER GIFT – Ruby Cross Rings (free)
  • CROWNMiss LT – princess crown (group gift)
  • BOOTS: .Tokame. – #7 Floral Ankle Boots RARE (old The Chapter 4 item, don’t think it’s available since I don’t have store LM)
  • SOCKST7E – Dipped! Thigh High Socks: Cream (MP free, many colors and sizes available)
  • BANGLE: -FAUN- – Unisex Twisted Bangle (free)

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