“I was tip tapping
In the park
The sound of the leaves
When my feet hit the ground
The sound of the leaves
When my feet bounce around…”

(Dillon, Tipp Tapping)


Hello, all…

And here I am, again, listening to some old tune to me (since I’m music addict and everything “not new” like same day is still old to me).
I get caught in moody mood, even on sunny day, so at the moment I miss old times, old way of listening to the music and dresses which my grandma had in her closet… sometimes, I still find pieces which have soul and tells its story…

My outfit is from MEB, store which I know from my very beggining in SL – so, five years being in love with them, they reminds me of something better, time when everything was made with purpose and clothes was something what we did not “use” and then throw away. Or I think there was times like that.
Skin is from BLUSH. It made me nostalgic with its soft texture creating such romantic look. Really important about this skin is that all option are inside the package and everything is separated (including the eyebrows), which means that you can build your own look and enjoy in variety. Here’s some makeup options. (click to enlarge!)


So, my favourite outfit for a day, smile on my face, combined with make up from {MUA}, small leaves on eyes… and I’m ready to – keep listening to the Dillon, drink tea and enjoy!



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