“We go out on our own
It’s a big bad world outside
Carrying’ our dreams and all that they mean
Trying to make it all worthwhile.”

Once upon a time,

There was a perfect world. The world of hidden and not so hidden intentions, fake smiles, mixed up values, unworthy crap that everyone liked. Also, in that world, everything different was called damaged, everything new was called not-grown-up, everything not done on common way was boxed as a trickery.
Everything pure and big was confused with just mask of a thousands wolves who were starring at people in that world – wolfs of their shadowplay.
There was a girl, who tried to run through that forest, who tried to make her smile to be fake and tears, when drop, to be considered as a tears out of fashion.
In the end, as you guess, the world ate itself that girl and all previous things just became her shadows of the past.


So, me again.
If you haven’t heard, new round of Enchantment is going on. Theme for this one is Little Red Ridding Hood (croatian: Crvenkapica :) ). So, I couldn’t resist sneaking in, getting this amazing items from amazing creators (luvz you all) and trying to make post which will show to you something different – not girl from the story who fights the wolf, but some metaphoric meaning of the same.


  • SkinEssences – Emma (FREE in store)
  • Eyes-Suicidal Unborn!– Lilac Eyes – injected (FREE, group gift – joining fee)
  • Makeup//elephante poses// – Wolf Eyes – Black  (Thank you! MelissaJeanne Flores @Enchantment exclusive)
  • Eyelashes[ glow ] studio designs – Avatngarde. eyelashes – eyeliner 01
  • Nails: //elephante poses// – The Eternal Forest – Bloody Cape (Thank you! MelissaJeanne Flores @Enchantment exclusive)
  • Hairlittle bones. – Tainted Love – Chocolate (check the SLFW)
  • Wolf hat: ~The Library~ – The Wolf-Brown (I’m wearing part of outfit, but it includes more boots and pants) (Thank you! DreamFantasia Nightfire @Enchantment exclusive)
  • Necklace: [AZE] – Baneful Wolf’s Eye Necklace Set – Womens (Thank you! Amilia Zabaleta @Enchantment exclusive)
  • Wrist cuffs: [AZE] – Lil’ Red’s Huntsman Wrist Cuffs – Womens  (Thank you! Amilia Zabaleta @Enchantment exclusive)
  • HandsSlink – AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture
  • Dress*!Tarnished – :: Little Red Riding Gown (@Enchantment)
  • Basket[tea.s] – Little Red’s Basket – white (Thank you! Tea Soup @Enchantment exclusive)
  • Poses//elephante poses// – Little Red (Thank you! MelissaJeanne Flores @Enchantment exclusive)


11 thoughts on “.Wolf of Your Past Self.

  1. Girl you can write a hell off in few sentences . It merges with bad stuff i did recently. Hurt ya.
    So if you have opinion i will hurt you again in anyway attention ally, ill radder kill my self, same goes for Bubu, and all the good stuff around me. And it is not a fashion of a month or season. it is my ultimatum for all the future it will come. And the crvenkapica is my woman, not a meal.


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