Children of a Holiday Glow

“How I’d love to find
That old place of mine
Feel the afternoon glow
Something warm, something slow
But our minds got small
When our legs grew tall…”

Hello, again!
Wish you all Happy holidays…
Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do :)
This year was quite hectic for me so I deserve little bit of fun,
so I had lovely time in Second life with my little deer friends while listening to The Paper Kites.♥
Inside We Glow
Lots of things are happening in the World.  For me probably the most important these days is Inspiration point Christmas Hunt with amazing gifts which I couldn’t miss to get, like this cute dress from House of Fox and little fawn from The Secret Store. Be warned: it is not classic hunt where you teleport from location to location, this hunt is more like a treasure hunt with map hud and riffle – kidding about the riffle :P Hurry – hunt ends in a few days, December 31th.
Also, you should check Jewelry and Accessory expo where are hidden so many amazing items. I almost broke, but I stopped myself  in time – so just showing you gloves from Indyra Originals. Also, run for the Frost fair for the at least spirit of winter festival and get this cute necklace from .:CoLLisions:., among with other items and gifts.
   There are stores in which you do even know in the middle of the night – or SL midnight – where the items stand. One of those is ::COCO::. So, designer cocoro Lemon decided to get rid of non-mesh items and – she’s giving it for FREE. It’s in the store untill the end of the month, so don’t miss it. I’m actually not a huge fan of mesh. I think mesh killed creativity of layering clothes and mix/matching tons and tons of items which was actually my style in SL and RL. But, I’m getting used to that. Stuff from ::COCO:: is one of my favourites because you still can mix lots of layers even with mesh clothes, so it’s worth of hoarding your inventory with extra hundreds of items :)

Sometimes We Glow

And, after all, enjoy your holidays to the max.
Lots of huggs,



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