“…And if you say I’m not okay
With miles to go.
If you say there ain’t no way that I could know.
If you say I aim too high from down below,
Well say it now cause when I’m gone,
You’ll be calling but I won’t be at the phone…” (Lykke Li, I’m Good, I’m Gone)


Hello again…
So, no, I’m not gone again… but got eaten by shark – twice – trying to make this post. This sim, Another Somewhere, is incredibly dear to me – it is incredible place, peacefully resting surrounded by water (and not so peacefull sharks :] Go there, get a good book – or bag – and enjoy the silence. Or wait for ship to sails as I tried to do.

I followed few events these few days and part is from not so few days. As you know, or don’t know but will found out, I’m crazy about little japanese stores which somehow have soul – most of my clothes are from stores you have or haven’t heard of, but for sure – it is must to have in your ”favourites” folder.
My recent discovery while doing the Kawaii hunt (I found out the last few hours) was for sure amazing store with low prices, is { Room of AMO }. My LULU dress was a hunt gift, but there is a lot (really lot!) more dresses in the store (actually there is gatcha event going on) for affordable 30L$ each. (yeah, you read well :) The dress is slightly modified since I added collar from .Tokame. leaf white shirt from one of The Chapter Four events, same with bag. Neclace is part of Fuwa lace dress from ***Ambrosia***, store which I love for few years, probably the same as a quirky-crazy-fun store GATO where my tights are from. I’ll be probably write about GATO to the limits of time since it reflects the style I’m in love in both life.

Also, I finally managed to be quick as little beetle and fight the lag on Fifty Lindens Friday event, so I grab this soft skin from Essences (which is great except for the eyebrow part, so I had to work hard to find eyebrow shape to match my shape) and fun Robin pink hair from /Wasabi Pills/. Hair is one of the newer release and it fit so flawless into my mood – and outfit. I need to buy a lot lot lot more hairs because I was so long away from SL, so I’ll be hunting and getting closer to living in the box. You can join me on the board?

Love, Dea xoxo


  • Skin: Essences – Dyana *ivoire* (FLF)
  • Lashes: alaskametro<3 – “Diva” prim lashes (tintable)
  • Eyeliner::Squeek!:: Eyeliner color set-blue (free)
  • Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Robin hair (FLF)
  • Dress: { RoA } -LULU “cozy” Dress (hunt gift, still lots option in store, 30l$)
  • Leggings: GATO Calado Leggings (free)
  • Shoes: Bax Coen Designs – BAX Booties St. Germain
  • Collar: .Tokame. Leaf White Shirt Collar
  • Bag: .Tokame. Ribbon Leather Clutch (Floral/RARE) Pose 1/LEFT
  • Necklace: ***Ambrosia*** – Pearl rose choker[blue] (part of Fuwa lace dress)
  • Pose: *RibboN*Pose SET

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